Coordinating Council
Scholars and Researchers' Board
Advisory Board
AWHT has assembled three boards, a Coordinating Council, Scholars and Researchers and a National Advisory Board. These Boards are governed by a Policies and Procedures Document.


AWHT Coordinating Council

The Council consists of representational membership from pertinent state agencies such as the Arizona Historical Society, county and state educational institutions, the State Historic Preservation Office, divisions of Arizona State Parks, Arizona Department of Transportation and Office of Tourism, the Arizona State Library and Archives Division, city and tribal governments, museums, and libraries, among others.

Arizona State University, as a collaborate partner with AWHT, has two representatives on the Council one from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and one from the Institute for Humanities Research.

The Coordinators oversee all developmental phases and assist in the fund raising, public relations, and administration of the project. Judy Register, former Chair of the Arizona Humanities Council, and recently retired Director of Neighborhood Services, City of Chandler is Chair of the Council. Joan Anderson Meacham is Director and Management Consultant.

AWHT Scholars' and Researchers' Board

The Scholars and Researchers' Board has academicians from the three major public institutions of higher education, archivists, preservationists, archaeologists, anthropologists, public historians, librarians, and graduate students. Mary Melcher, Ph.D., AWHT Historian Consultant, coordinates the activities and conducts research for the scholars and researchers.

The Scholars and Researchers have determined the criteria for selection and designation of Arizona sites and notable women. They are now in the process of researching and designating the official sites and women for the Trail. The first twenty of more than anticipated 150 women/sites are now exhibited here. More will be added from time to time. Nomination forms are also available and will be forwarded to the Scholars' Board upon receipt in completed form.

AWHT Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of distinguished members including the Co-Founder of the NJ Women's Historic Trail and Administrator of the State Historic Preservation Office, authors in the field of women's history, the former Director of the Arizona Humanities Council and currently the Director of the National Women's History Project.

These knowledgeable supporters advise the council and or staff upon request. Some members serve on the AWHT standing committees, the Fund Development and Finance Committee and the Communications and Public Information Committees. Other Ad Hoc committees also have representation from the AWHT Advisory Board.

Volunteers representing statewide communities and or community service organizations serve in many capacities such as data base maintenance, event planning, and administrative duties. Anyone interested in assisting with this project may call the Director, Joan Meacham @480-834-3833.


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