AWHT Honor Roll
Honoring women and men who have made an impact on individual lives or were essential toward women's history expansion.

Do you know someone special you would like to honor? It could be a family member — Mother Father, Grandmother or Grandfather, Aunt or Uncle, or a dear friend, professor, teacher, mentor, community service advocate — anyone who has made a major impact in your life and or career — or someone who has supported women's issues such as the expansion of women's history. The honored person may be living or deceased. If deceased, it would be helpful to have the dates of the person's birth and death if available.

If you would like to see some examples, click here. We have a few honorees thus far for you to review and note these visionary people. Murat Masterson, prominent attorney and territorial legislator, who introduced the first legislation for woman suffrage. Or there is the Honorable Sandra Day O'Connor who made history by being appointed as the first female Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Organizations may wish to honor an outgoing officer or supporter. We have one such honoree at this time, Janolyn Lo Vecchio, who has contributed dedicated leadership to the Business and Professional Women by editing and fund raising for Volume III of their well respected "Women Who have made a Difference," publication and served as state President in 2011-12 among many other accomplishments. The campus chapter of the University of Arizona BPW honored Jan as she left the state Presidency.

This recognition offers public acknowledgement and is a lovely gift. It can be a fitting memorial as well. If you have been fortunate to know one of these notable persons you would like to honor, it is very easy to add them to this distinguished list. Please send a contribution dedicated to website expansion of $50.00 or more made and out to the Arizona Women's Heritage Trail. Your check should be accompanied by a paragraph of approximately 150 words telling us why you are honoring this person. Please list their full name and primary residence. Mail to: 1225 W. Main Street, Suite 101, Box #159, Mesa, AZ 85201.

The honored person will always be listed on the AWH website along with other remarkable visionary individuals. Each one provides a little bit of history and inspiration, serving as role models for us all.


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