The Arizona Women's Heritage Trail
presents a unique opportunity to
Recognize Women in Arizona History
Arizona's history has only been partially told. The Arizona Women's Heritage Trail (AWHT) is dedicated to assuring the whole story is revealed. Women played important roles in many fieldsŅas teachers, architects, scientists, community activists, politicians, businesswomen, attorneys, artists, historians, health care providers, ranchers, and entertainers. They lived in cities, mining camps, and rural villages. They came from all walks of life and represented all races, ethnicities, and religions. Unfortunately, Arizona's history books rarely mention their accomplishments. But now you have the opportunity to help tell their stories. When you donate $500 to sponsor a woman on the AWHT, you are making sure her story lives on.

The Arizona Women's Heritage Trail, designated a legacy program by the Arizona State Centennial Commission, is a coalition of Arizona historical agencies and women's organizations dedicated to preserving the history of women. Women's stories are interpreted by AWHT historians through a variety of mediaŅon the AWHT website, through driving and walking trails, in museum exhibits, and through lectures and performances. A distinguished committee of volunteer scholars determines who is selected for the trail, but it costs approximately $500 for our staff to research a woman's biography, determine a site, and secure the permissions to place a woman on the Arizona Women's Heritage Trail.

Your first step is to visit the AWHT website at and decide which woman you would like to sponsor. Then, decide if you want to sponsor a woman alone, with friends or members of your organization, or contact a business that would be interested. Once you have made your contribution, an icon will link your choice's webpage to your name, organization, or company name on a sponsor's page. A corporate sponsor has the option to link its company's name to its website.

For more information, please contact:
Arizona Women's Heritage Trail
1225 W. Main Street, Suite 101, Box #159
Mesa, AZ 85201

All checks should be made to: ASU Foundation for AWHT. Due to the value of benefits provided, the full amount of the payment may be considered a charitable contribution. The AWHT collaborates with the Arizona State University Institute for Humanities Research of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. All funds will be deposited with the ASU Foundation which is a separate, non-profit organization that exists to support ASU University. AWHT account 30 xMLHM0001. Solicitation code LIHGP8.


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