Woman's Clubs in Phoenix and Central Arizona
Woman's Club Buildings in Phoenix and Central Arizona
Throughout Arizona, woman's clubs have made their mark, organizing libraries, aiding museums and improving schools. Even before Arizona became a state, women worked to build their communities and to educate themselves about state and national issues.

Region: Phoenix and Central Arizona
Theme: Women in Community Building

Woman's Clubs have been active in Arizona for over one hundred years. Women representing five clubs from Bisbee, Florence, Prescott, Phoenix and Tucson formed the Arizona Federation of Woman's Clubs in 1901 at a meeting in Phoenix. This federation focused on education and improvement of communities and the state. Many clubs from Arizona towns eventually joined the General Federation of Women's Clubs which united similar organizations across the nation. Working together through these clubs, women organized libraries, beautified their communities, improved schools and educated themselves about community and national issues. They also became involved in cultural preservation and local museums. Through their activity, they shaped the state. In several communities, club buildings still stand, and some of them are still in use.

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