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Historians and scholars associated with the Arizona Women's Heritage Trail are pleased to share these biographies and photos of women and sites designated by AWHT Scholars' Board. Peruse these pages to learn about the fascinating women who helped to build the state while maintaining families and aiding their communities. The women and sites were chosen by the AWHT Scholars' Board, based on project criteria. They represent the state's ethnic and geographic diversity, along with the variety of women's contributions.

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The women and sites are related to the following over-arching themes: women and work; women and education; building communities; women in politics and government; women in science and medicine; women in social reform; women in domestic life; women in the arts and architecture, and women in historic preservation.

The women and sites are from across the state, representing the five different regions including northern, north central, central, southern and west coast. These regions correspond with those used in the Arizona Heritage Traveler website, developed by the Arizona Humanities Council and Arizona Office of Tourism.

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